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How to Choose the Right Standard Poster Size ?

Do you have trouble distinguishing between different poster sizes? Are you looking for a conventional poster size for your artwork? If you answered yes to both of these questions, keep reading because we have the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Common Poster Sizes

The following is a list of standard poster sizes from which to choose:

Small : 11×17 Poster Size

If you’re searching for the smallest poster size, 11×17 is the one to go with. If you go smaller than this, keep in mind that it will not appear as a poster. It’ll look like an A4 piece of paper on your wall. So, in case you want to go smaller than the typical poster size, bear that in mind.

This small standard poster size is perfect for use as a notification poster indoors. You may also use it to promote an important announcement at your events. This size attracts more attention and gives the announcement a more official appearance than an A4 size paper.

You may easily hang a 11×17 poster in your lounge or waiting room to display information that you want others to know about. They can also be used in restrooms or near water dispensers.

To make it stand out and be seen, you should get a 11×17 poster produced from a good printing company with strong designs. This popular poster format is easy to see on community bulletin boards and is popular for events.

Medium: 18×24 Poster Size

If you’re searching for medium standard poster size, 18×24 inches is the way to go. This size is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s a good size for whatever project you could be working on. The nice thing about these large posters is that they can be seen from a long distance. In this size, the poster may easily be framed. As a result, if you’re seeking an 18×24 poster, you should get in touch with us.

Large: 24×36 Poster Size

If you still need a larger poster, try ordering one in the size of 24 x 36 inches. When it comes to poster sizes, they are the most expansive. When you look at most outdoor posters, you’ll see that they’re this size since the measurements make the posters easier to read for everyone. This poster size comes with a variety of frame choices. You can include photographs, movie posters, and other materials that you like. Get yours produced as soon as possible from the best printing company!

Are there other poster sizes ?

The posters shown above are common sizes. They are not, however, the only poster size alternatives available. Other sizes are also available.

27×40 inches is a common size for huge posters. All of these sizes are appropriate for distributing crucial information. For instance, celebrity posters on the walls of a campus or a notice board at the signal.

Aside from the above-mentioned poster sizes, if you have a dimension in mind that you’d want us to custom produce for your poster design needs, we’d be delighted to do so.

Choose the best printing company

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