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Redbubble Photographic Print vs Poster : What Is the Difference?

The primary distinction between the photography prints and posters available on Redbubble is the type of paper utilized.

The photographic prints on Redbubble are produced on photo paper, and the posters on Redbubble are printed on poster paper.

Since poster printing paper is water-resistant, it won’t easily wrinkle or rip when wet. In addition, it is a little bit thicker and tougher than the typical paper you encounter every day.

What is a photographic print on Redbubble?

Digital images are occasionally printed on paper using a printer, although this is not regarded as a photographic print.

A photographic print must be created on photo paper and is a reproduction (copy) of a photograph or piece of artwork (paper coated with light-sensitive chemicals). This kind of paper is glossy or gently polished, and it is smooth.

These days, silver halide photographic prints make up the majority of the high-quality prints being sold online (such as those on Redbubble). Reputable printing shops can help you with quality printing solutions.

What is a poster print on Redbubble?

One of the least expensive methods to decorate blank walls is with posters, which are another type of reproduction (a replica of an original piece of art or photograph).

Different types of poster paper with varying weights and sizes are used to print posters. However, compared to photographic prints, posters are often easier to produce in mass and require lower-quality inks and paper. Additionally, glossy or smooth semi-gloss paper is typically used to print posters.

Because of its lower quality criteria, posters are far less expensive than photographic prints. Their shorter lifespan is also a result of their lower quality standards, and careful attention to accurate color is typically not given primary emphasis.

Redbubble’s posters are distinctive because they are printed on exceptionally high-quality, semi-gloss, thick poster paper, despite the fact that poster prints are typically thought to be of lower quality than other types of prints.

Standard poster paper typically weighs between 120 and 140 gsm*, making it strong enough for temporary posters like those you might see outside announcing a band’s concert or looking for a lost pet. They can undoubtedly withstand a little rain and wind.

However, if a poster is intended to be put on your walls as art, it should typically weigh 185gsm or more.


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