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Buying Guide & Design Tips : How to Customize Tablecloths

Do you intend to attend a trade show? Perhaps a lavish banquet? Do the tables at your
wedding require a little something? If any of these apply to you, kudos — you may use
personalized tablecloths. You can get in touch with Printing Signs Miami if you’re
looking for the best printing company in Miami.

It all comes down to finding your ideal fit. This shopping guide is meant to assist you in
getting tablecloths that will impress all of your visitors or guests. Start decorating now!

Step 1 : Choose the right shape and size

Custom tablecloths must be purchased in order to fit the table’s form. Make sure you
are aware of the layout of the venue’s tables before placing an order.

All of the following shapes are available for custom tablecloths :

Rectangle Tablecloths

Tablecloths for rectangles are typically 42 to 55 inches wide, although they can be
longer if your table is really large.

Oblong (racetrack) Tablecloths

Although some tables are rectangular, their corners are rounded. You’ll want oblong
tablecloths to place on top in that instance. If you want a drape, a rectangle tablecloth
will work, but an oblong one will appear more tailored.

Square Tablecloths

A square table that is between 36 and 44 inches broad easily seats four persons.
Undoubtedly, a square tablecloth will have a drape, but not to the point where it skirts
the floor.

Round Tablecloths

Around 4 persons can easily sit at round tables that range in width from 60 to 72 inches.
Select tablecloths with a small overhang so that they are a little broader.

Oval Tablecloths

An oval table can range in size from 36 inches to 84 inches. It can hold six to eight
people. Always keep in mind that finding custom tablecloths for this form might be a little
challenging, so do your research well in advance of your event.

Step 2 : Choose a color that complements your theme or logo

White, cream, or ivory tablecloths look best at weddings and elegant banquets.
Consider using brighter colored tablecloths for events like parties and trade exhibits.
Make sure that you choose the best providers of printing services in Miami for your
custom tablecloth printing.

All of these colors are available in custom tablecloths:

● White
● Tan
● Black
● Ivory
● Green
● Orange
● Gray
● Yellow
● Red
● Burgundy
● Purple
● Pink
● Blue
● Gold

Step 3 : Print a good design

How are tablecloths customized?

On the front of tablecloths, a logo or pattern can be heat transferred or screen printed.
With these imprinting techniques, you often only get 1 ink color for free.
That’s it, which is wonderful news. Just take a look at these pink-patterned martini glass
tablecloths, which really stand out against the black background. However, they only
employ one ink color, despite their amusing appearance.

Full-color tablecloths: what are they?

Unlimited ink colors are included with full-color tablecloths at no extra cost. If you want a
design that is really vibrant, this is a better option than table coverings that have been
heat transferred or screen printed.

Tip 4 : Keep the tablecloths in storage for next year

How should I store my tablecloths?

Even if your event is finished, you should already be planning for the following year. The
personalized tablecloths should be folded, placed in vacuum-sealed bags, and stored
safely in a cabinet or plastic storage container. Your tablecloths will be spotless and
wrinkle-free the next time you use them!